Moving someplace new means you are asked about your life and who you are a lot as you meet new people – and this is fun for me! I enjoy getting to know a new place very much. In the last few weeks I’ve been asked a lot of things – but here are the […]

  February crept out of here like a wind-whipped sparrow crawling back to her nest. But, that’s a story for another lifetime. March indeed came in like a lion. What better a way to send this month packing than to cap it with a night watching the Old 97s live. This time last year I […]

November’s election (was it one?) truly was a year-long event that gave us all a little bit of whiplash and screen-fatigue. Honestly, for me, it was a little too much. My heart aches over the divide and the distrust, but mostly I am personally pained by the seemingly bla·sé attitude people are taking on the […]

Hand-made cameras fascinate me. Richard Learoyd has made an obscura that is amazingly interesting. His camera makes prints of 50×70 inches of fleeting salience that have no source other than the moement in which they were captured. No negatives, no digital file, no copies. Learoyd questions whether the invention of duplicative processing of imagery allows […]

One of my friends recently said to me, “You know, that photo you printed of my wife sits on my desk. It’s the most I’ve seen of her in a while.” So I asked him, “Do you see her for dinner everyday with the kids?” – and it hit him. He wasn’t allowing the imperfect […]

August is the best month of summer in many ways. Everyone is back from the 2-weeks they took for the 4th of July and everyone still wants to grill out. It’s hot enough to be outside and the nights are cool enough to enjoy. Ocean water is warm enough to swim in, finally. Even though […]

Summer goes too quickly as it is, no matter who you are or your age. Seemingly we get 5 minutes of beautiful weather and then it is back to the other seasons. Don’t get me wrong here, I like fall colors and some crunchy winter snow from time to time. I even love the pollen-thick […]

Bridal and accessory consignment in the Twin Cities area. Wedding gowns and bridal accessories. Formal dresses and mother-of the-bride gown. Prom and occasion gowns.

This month I started a Facebook Group. It’s for the women I know to share 52 Selfies over a year and tell us something about herself she loves in each one. The group isn’t something outsiders can see, but you can join. We support each other and we encourage one another. It’s a lot of fun, […]

Crowdsource your guest photos from your wedding and make a photobook easily.

The New York Times has an Image Morgue Why not take in the sights? You can see the backs of the photos, too – which is my favorite thing sometimes. View HERE. See 100 artists in their studios Understanding what an artist surrounds themselves with sometimes informs you as to how they created. Enjoy HERE. […]

Music is a HUGE part of how I process my thoughts, so when I am in the car or the studio I am listening to something. Everything. Anything. The things that stick make my playlist. The playlist becomes the backdrop to my work. My work changes with my thoughts, my backdrop evolves, too. So, what […]

Being the eclectic mess I am, I enjoy all kinds of art. I love sculpture, oil and watercolor paintings and I love photography. I find that the quirkiest of minds create the things I like most. In my last feature I discussed what I like about Edward Hopper’s paintings. For instance, what I love most (sometimes) is his […]

I promised to let you know what music has been swirling around my mind all month and here it is. I also promised no Chipmunk Christmas and I did not disappoint. Most of what’s here has a very calming feel. That’s because I am in a mini-mester class and working full-time and still shooting sessions […]

How do you want to be remembered in photos? The folks I photograph know without a doubt just how important I believe it is to live in photos, to live with photos and to enjoy them.  I love capturing the people that mean most to you, so that you can have that moment with them […]

One of the questions I hear most is “What should I bring to wear in my photos?” and “Should we all wear jeans and a white shirt? We’d like to coordinate for our picture.”  Let’s start  with individual photos. When I am ding someone’s portrait or making a Senior folio for someone I tell them to […]

You may view the gallery from the show here. 

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Here are 12 songs that have been looping through my mind all month. Some of you may have heard a few of these, I’ve used them in your feature videos and played them in the car when on location. The studio gets an ample dose of music every day! Stay tuned for what’s on repeat […]

Thoughts on Edward Hopper – American Painter Very few painters intrigue me the way Edward Hopper does. The quality of life and light in the things he painted is unique, of course, but there’s something more to it that makes his paintings somewhat timeless. Maybe it’s the relief in his worlk. Maybe I like all […]

Some of my favorite locations in the Twin Cities are places you’d take your own family to enjoy scenery or a picnic. I’m not much for alleyways and grit, though I do like photos where that works. Mostly I love color and light to play and behave like the people in the images. The images […]

 Edina : Pinstripes If you are looking for a fun and engaging place that is elegant and offers a wide variety of menu choices for your wedding, cocktail hour or rehearsal dinner I have a wonderful suggestion for you: PINSTRIPES. There is a central location in the Twin Cities in Edina. It is easy to […]

tags Twin Cities Photographer, Dallas Photographer, Los Angeles Photographer

tags Twin Cities Photographer, Dallas Photographer, Los Angeles Photographer

tags Twin Cities Photographer, Dallas Photographer, Los Angeles Photographer

tags Twin Cities Photographer, Dallas Photographer, Los Angeles Photographer

tags Twin Cities Photographer, Dallas Photographer, Los Angeles Photographer

Robby is funny, kindhearted and really easy to talk to. He’s interested in all kinds of things and likes running, skiing and being outdoors most of the time. Spending some time with his to take his folio images was truly fun and I learned three new puns to tell my husband. That’s a plus for […]

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Megan and Thomas are a sweet pair who complement each other with all that a couple will need to have a marriage full of laughter, fun and friendship. The pair wed on August 29, 2015 at Majestic Oaks Golf Club in Minnesota.  Megan met Thomas outside for a first look. The bride chose a custom […]

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Christine Hunt and Tim wed in Bloomington, Minnesota in August of 2015. 

One of my favorite receptions in the last couple of years took place at Wirth Chalet in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Theodore Wirth Chalet Fireplace Room is a lovely venue with a warm feel that can be dressed up with candlelight and softness easily. The arts and crafts feel make the spaces here truly adaptable. The building […]

Rebecca is a wonderful lady – and you’ll be lucky to count her as a friend. Her loyal heart is something that became very clear to me as we spent time together. Her smile is simply dazzling and I am glad that she puts it to use so often. We managed to visit a few […]

Sometimes you meet a person who is down to earth and laid back and you wonder if that’s a temporary thing or if they are like that all the time. I am not like that all the time. In fact, I am not like that even 30% of the time. Lauren is at least more […]

This is July 2014’s Super Moon. It rose over the corn fields as big as a Volkswagen Beetle and it was VERY BRIGHT. So, I drew with the moon. It was almost super. I think this image basically sums up my googly-eyed expression and silly smile I wore while doing this. If you look carefully […]

Melissa and Clark – A Touching Wedding for a (Fun) Loving Couple Melissa and Clark crafted a lovely shared wedding experience for the whole family. I’ve been to, photographed, helped with and been a part of so many ceremonies. They each have something very special about them that I remember. This wedding though – – – so […]

2014 Marks the beginning of NHS boys LaCrosse. I’ve seen some contact sports in my day, but let’s all agree: LaCrosse takes the stick. The running, the tug-of-war, the defensive tactics, the plain brute use of sticks…all more than I can handle, to say the least. I was impressed. Really. Email me for the whole photo set. […]

Watermelon is a Parrot. All manner of birds are of fascination to me. The physics and the voices and the colors – all amaze me no end. This guy is terribly sweet and tolerant of visitors.  His people have had him in the family since he was a chick.  Watermelon is now about 10 years […]

1,033 Basketball All-Star Photos. What a fun event! Update: These past two days I got to watch some major skill. The ladies in the photo above are bright, funny, individual, kind, inviting and terribly committed to hard work. To say I enjoyed covering this event would be akin to saying I like to breathe: it […]

This past week I managed to get some sun. In Los Angeles. I was extremely happy to have encountered no Kardashians.  I love all the hills and the noise and the buzz and the flow of LA. The whole place has a living history and palpable future all at the same instant. You feel all […]

Senior Photos for Samantha Were a Breeze She’s  a strong girl who knows what she likes. Her personality is inviting and she has eyes you can swim in. She’s a brave sort and I liked her instantly. We took some time over at St. Olaf in the flower gardens while the mallow and ehinacea were in […]

Meet Madison and see her Senior Photos Now here is an interesting and fun lady! Madison is adventurous and up for challenges. In fact, last summer she put on a formal gown and hopped into the pool for photos. It was a blast, to say the least, and many great photos came of the day. […]

When your foundation is faith, not much else matters. As far as wedding photography goes, you can’t ask for a sweeter situation: Ashley and James quilted together a homespun ceremony that included their families and friends, no matter where they were that day. Cars broke down, shirts were too small, and the cicadas were loud. The […]

Simple Photos of Complex Things Generally, I prefer simple things over the ornate but when a place is both I am happiest. Take the Magnolia Hotel in Downtown Dallas. Built in an era of oil-boom money meets pre-depression optimism and designed in the baux-arts style (think love affairs with limestone facades and small gargoyles) the […]

This trip to Texas was full. Here’s what went down: fed my niece dinner, twice saw my brother and his wife, twice toured Cowboys Stadium (otherwise known as “went to church”) met new cows made friends with a new farm dog – she likes cheese met the new (to me) children belonging to our circle […]

Several Texas Places, a lot of Texan Faces Many people came to the BBQ at the family farm just a few minutes after this photo was taken. I met 7 new people on this trip to Texas. Two brides and five babies. Missing are Anson and Leandra, Bill and Leslie and daughter K, and Matthew’s […]

Julie and Chuck are a sweet couple who find fun in almost everything. I first met Julie a few years ago while visiting an office at Carleton.  I could go into all the details, but you aren’t here for computer talk – are you? She and I started talking and made fast friends. Here is […]

August afternoon weddings are bound to be warm, but the Ward’s simple and elegant ceremony was also touching. We all met up at Bridge Square in Northfield so that I could do some pre wedding photos of the family and the couple. Casually and in stages the family collected near the fountain. Everyone was relaxed […]

Ian’s Northfield senior photos were fun because it isn’t often that yourmodels bring a bass and play a little bit while you work. For his Northfield Senior Photos we visited a couple of spots around Northfield, one of which is near to his heart. You may remember his role as a tour guide in the […]

1-22-14 Today’s Picture of the Day is worth every bit of 1,000 words. Maybe more. I feel a wealth of emotions when I look at this picture. I’m looking at her and rumbling around my head is absolutely nothing but the idea that she will no doubt be the funniest, coolest and most interesting kid […]

The Hawkins-Allen Wedding We all knew this was going to be a touching day.  It wasn’t the laughter between the groomsmen, the gleeful squeals of play from the flower girl, or the bonding in the ready-room for the bridal party. The whole day was born from the electricity between Erica and Scott. These two love […]

The Kramers are celebrating a 1st birthday A son blessed the Kramer household June of 2016. The family asked me to come over to the hospital to document the baby’s first days here in this beautiful world. Now Jeremy isn’t quite so outnumbered and Jessy can revel in the joys that are what the #momofboys […]

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