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Today’s Picture of the Day is worth every bit of 1,000 words. Maybe more. I feel a wealth of emotions when I look at this picture. I’m looking at her and rumbling around my head is absolutely nothing but the idea that she will no doubt be the funniest, coolest and most interesting kid I will ever know. Because her parents are all of those things.

About a month ago I was looking over the pictures (including this one) from the family reunion in 2013 and I got to thinking. Mostly about family, kids, life and the things that separate me from other people I know. All of the dynamics of my life are seemingly simplified.

  • I don’t have any children
  • I don’t have any relatives that need care
  • My home is relatively maintenance-free
  • Most of my friends are in other states
  • Work-life has calmed into a regularity for me
  • The cats are finally aware that I don’t have any control over the weather

Basically, my life is calm and drama is non-existent. I’m finding out there are not very many people who have the “luxury” of that claim. I’m glad because I don’t want other people to go around feeling these things:

  • What I wouldn’t give to be brave enough to be a parent!
  • I’d trade many things to have my grandparents back.
  • I like that the house doesn’t need tons of work – It’s just that I  adore vintage architecture and this current house doesn’t have that feel at all.
  • I would prefer to have my friends closer. The few sweet ones I have here in Minnesota are wonderful – but I bet they tire of my face.
  • I vowed when I came to the Internet in 1996 to never discuss work thereon, so none of that. It suffices to mention I am happy with what I do and I am challenged plenty. However, I would like to do more photography projects. Just not in winter. I still don’t have a winter skin. Hanging out in a snow drift taking pictures just sounds uncomfortable to me.
  • The cats, well, they complain less and less as the daylight hours grow longer and longer each day. I know they’d prefer sunny warm days to nap under hostas in the shade, though.

What I am getting at is that the simplicity of my life has come at a price. I’m happy with my choices, pleased at the experiences I’ve had and look forward to the ones sure to come, but nonetheless – slightly lost after dinner with what to do with myself. I admit, there are some rooms I could paint and I have a little housekeeping to do (like file my Tax Return for 2013), but on the whole it’s sometimes too quiet at the Pixel Playground.

Maybe that’s why I have grown such an affection (they are essentially family as far as I am concerned) for the few people I do see regularly here: they are wonderful, brave and special and occupy the spaces that would otherwise be filled with kids, activities, projects and errands. I don’t get to spend time with them as often as I would like, because, you know, they do have kids, activities, projects and errands. I’ll take all the free time they want to give me though! Unless of course I end up with kids, activities, projects and errands. Admittedly, I prefer hearing about the things going on with others more than I think I might like to be doing most of the stuff myself (read: this coward can’t handle vomit or diapers very well).

In a few weeks I get to hold that beautiful baby you saw at the top of this post. The experience was spiritually moving the first time and I doubt I’ll be less moved by how much she’s changed since. She has transformed her parent’s lives (more on those thoughts in another post) forever. She’s beautiful. Just like her mother.

Isn’t it odd how we look into the future wondering what will be, how things will turn out and just what folks will be like? I look at pictures of my niece that way – looking forward to her report cards and sending her a few bucks for being better at math than I ever was. Because she will be.

What do you think of when you look back at pictures of your family? What about the ones of you and your friends? Do you think of the sounds and feelings of that day or do you remember just the people? Both? Does viewing old photos and pictures take you to the moment or is it less of a journey for you? Everyone is different. I’m always curious how people respond to pictures. I guess that’s where the drama is for me.


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