Northfield Senior Photos | Ian

Ian’s Northfield senior photos were fun because it isn’t often that yourmodels bring a bass and play a little bit while you work.

For his Northfield Senior Photos we visited a couple of spots around Northfield, one of which is near to his heart. You may remember his role as a tour guide in the Junior Posse and as a player in the bank raid reenactment. He also plays bass in a couple of groups.  Maybe you ‘ll get to hear him before he goes to college. I hope so. He’s darn good.

For those who have never met this guy, you will quickly find out he has a lot going on. Aside from school (where he plays bass, participates in Cross Country, the school plays, and a few student club activities), Ian is also into Lacrosse. I have no idea when he sleeps. Ian has a depth that I accredit to his love for history and for his respect for archiving and keeping the stories of others alive. This guy is witty and he’ll make you laugh, when you least expect. 


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