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Sometimes you meet a person who is down to earth and laid back and you wonder if that’s a temporary thing or if they are like that all the time. I am not like that all the time. In fact, I am not like that even 30% of the time. Lauren is at least more chill than I am and more often. It’s nice to be around someone who isn’t flustered by the wind blowing their hair upside-down on photo day. I think she gets her solid core of balance from her mom. The two of them were sweet together in a way that illustrated to me that they talk a lot. When they talk about a thing it’s with teamwork and with respect. They explore the idea together – then compare notes. It’s cool to watch that with a mom and daughter. That’s trust.

Lauren has expressive eyes. So, I took her to things with colors that were the complement to her eye color because I wanted to really contrast them. Like in this photo. She’s got tons of other senior photos, too and those are here: But, this is my favorite.

Can I just say I love her sense of fashion? She wears things I wish a 39 year-old could find in an age-appropriate cut. Let’s face it: things are not where they were when I was 17. A romper made for someone who has not endured gravity for those extra 22 years will not look quite the same. I’ve made peace with this, almost.

A word about futures:

Now, I don’t know if Lauren will ever rule the world as a biochemical engineer, but if she doesn’t it will be our loss. The temperament required for that work is collaborative and as I said, she already has that inclination – naturally.  Also, she is inclined to make sweats and leggings look fashionable – naturally – but I digress.

Each of my clients teaches me something about myself and Lauren is no departure from that trend. From her I learned that particularly big ideas (like possessing a collaborative spirit and a respectful approach to idea sharing) aren’t just things you learn in school – sometimes you just have them.

I asked Lauren’s mom if she was raising children or a boss – or both.  She said both (also illustrating that balance and laid-back acceptance of challenge), though she then explained one is easier than the other.  Lauren will probably answer in that vein too, later in life.

Also, just to clear this up once and for all: there is nothing tiny about Lauren. Not a thing.


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