Northfield Senior Photos | Soderlund

Rebecca is a wonderful lady – and you’ll be lucky to count her as a friend. Her loyal heart is something that became very clear to me as we spent time together. Her smile is simply dazzling and I am glad that she puts it to use so often. We managed to visit a few fun spots in town and try some different things – which always makes a photographer happy.

She has tons of pretty photos.

I’m looking forward to getting her graduation invitations mocked-up because she picked the happiest colors I’ve gotten to work with in some time.

The dance team has a busy rehearsal schedule and will perform soon – so I am sending her all the good thoughts I can.

My only sadness is I didn’t get to work with her cousin, Bernie – who I also truly dig.  That’s ok, we stalk each other on Instagram!

But as I get closer to finishing my work with her, I keep thinking:  “Here’s one girl who will make the world a nicer place to be”.


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