Wirth Chalet

One of my favorite receptions in the last couple of years took place at Wirth Chalet in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Theodore Wirth Chalet Fireplace Room is a lovely venue with a warm feel that can be dressed up with candlelight and softness easily. The arts and crafts feel make the spaces here truly adaptable. The building is very close to parking and is situated in Theodore Wirth Regional Park – here is a MAP .

The Fireplace Room seats 130, tables and chairs are included in your reservation and there’s free WI-FI. The rental for a Friday is $725 and for Saturday it’s $1050 and Sunday is $575 – all fees will be plus tax. For $250 more you can have the ceremony in the same space.

Reserving the Fireplace Room is done by contacting Ellen Kosmoski of the Rentals & Permit team at Minneapolis Parks and Recreation. You can email that office here or call 612-230-6427.

They’ll want you to send a completed Permit Application and you can find that PDF here.

Photos at Wirth Chalet and inside the Fireplace Room are lovely. Make sure your photographer is comfortable with the space and can use or enhance the available lighting there. The sun sets with wonderful colors on the Chalet’s veranda and trees, so photos outside are a nice treat during cocktail hour.

Photographers must obtain a photography permit to work at your reception/ceremony in the Chalet. That permit is usually about $45 per 1.5 hours. For a typical 4 hour reception you should budget $120 for photography fees. For an 8 hour day, expect the fee to be at least $240. Your photographer must carry liability insurance to serve you at any Minneapolis area parks location. Ask your photographer for that proof of insurance.


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