Northfield Senior Photos | Robby Sayner

Robby is funny, kindhearted and really easy to talk to. He’s interested in all kinds of things and likes running, skiing and being outdoors most of the time. Spending some time with his to take his folio images was truly fun and I learned three new puns to tell my husband. That’s a plus for me because my husband loves puns.

I’ve made NO SECRET of the fact that I have wanted to do this guy’s senior photo session for over three years.

Senior photos for Northfield’s high school students are sometimes a little more nostalgic for me because I am local and go to church with, bump into and grocery shop with most of the families I photograph. So, I have a little more backstory with some of my clients than others.

Robby’s session was like that. I first met him in 2012 when at a Track and Field event at Carleton. Several schools were competing in events and I followed my beloved Raiders from corner to corner of the coliseum watching them hurdle, jump, run and in between events have a great time together. Making images for Robby was cathartic. I got to give him a wonderful set of senior photos and in May, we can all send him off with that winning smile to his next new place.

Robby is fun and silly but also a bit of a strategizer who does his best work in his science and engineering classes. He’s not quite sure where this will take him after graduation. I doubt he’ll have a hard time hitting his stride, no matter where he goes. You can catch him around town behind his shades, thinking of mountains or maybe how the Cross Country team will take shape this season.

Robby is a living measure : A lot can happen in three years.  Thanks for the wonderful afternoon!

Shoot Note: Canon Mark III 50mm f/1.4 @ f3.5  ISO 125  1/125 sec


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