Printing Images and Loving Your NOW

This month I started a Facebook Group. It’s for the women I know to share 52 Selfies over a year and tell us something about herself she loves in each one. The group isn’t something outsiders can see, but you can join. We support each other and we encourage one another. It’s a lot of fun, it’s also hard. I completely adore the kindness and bravery in that group. I look at these women I know and I think, “Wow!” not only because of what I see, but because of what they share in the caption. It’s been great to catch up and have a quiet place for us to be a little less than Facebook-perfect.

Also, in the last month the summer has booked up with events, weddings and engagements. I think I might have 6 weekend days left between now and September that don’t have anything on them. I won’t dare say I want free time. Because I don’t. I want to be working because it means making things for all of you. It’s what I was meant to do.

This week I made some wonderful prints for clients, wedding albums for a couple and a magazine. It’s been busy, but like I said – I love it.

This weekend I’ll be in the studio with a family who has a fabulous story and lots of laughter. Some of my favorite kids will be here this weekend and I can’t contain my excitement over it. More on that later.

Making Photo Books From Wedding Guest’s Photos

How can you capture all the images people snap at your wedding with their phones? It’s easy. And, you can make a book with them to share, too. Pricing for the books I am suggesting here is found on THIS PAGE.

1. Make a Facebook group for your wedding, add your invited ceremony and reception guests to the group. Then, create a photo album called “From Your Phones”. Make sure the group settings allow others to upload to that album.

2. Get married!! HECKYEAH!!

3. Get people to put photos they take into the group album. Give folks a deadline!

4. Download Mosaic to your own phone or upload images with your computer from the group album to the Mixbook site

5. Make your book using all those wonderfully fun and candid things people photographed at your event and wedding. It’s fun to see what they saw!

6. ENJOY! And, ‪#‎liveinphotos‬

This is a screenshot of This is a screenshot of

(I don’t receive compensation from Mixbook in any way, I just think they are the easiest to use)