My Life Has a Soundtrack 7/1/2016

Summer goes too quickly as it is, no matter who you are or your age. Seemingly we get 5 minutes of beautiful weather and then it is back to the other seasons. Don’t get me wrong here, I like fall colors and some crunchy winter snow from time to time. I even love the pollen-thick joys of spring flowers. The thing is: I LOVE SUMMER MOST. The bright sun, warmth and the lazy breezes are easier for me to connect with and remember.

Days like today, for instance, when it’s 75 and sunny with puffy clouds dotting the horizon and going by at the pace of a grazing horse are heaven to me. I prefer the warmth of 85, but complaining at this point seems rude. Right now I can see the wildflowers and prairie grasses bending to the breeze and the sun – relaxing one way and then the other – with birds overhead swooping to catch mosquitoes in mid-air. The meadowlark is out there in the grass, singing and defining his turf. His annual return is the mark of spring, his silence the mark of summer’s true start. Once the baby barn swallows are fledged I know I have 4 weeks left of these lazy lounge-chair afternoons before the nights get too cold for the garden to make tomatoes. Then, it will be fall.

All this has a soundtrack of it’s own, but when I am not here, these are the songs that remind me of the love and power and energy of what it is to see these things and feel them. Enjoy. I give you summer: