My Life Has a Soundtrack 8/3/2016

August is the best month of summer in many ways. Everyone is back from the 2-weeks they took for the 4th of July and everyone still wants to grill out. It’s hot enough to be outside and the nights are cool enough to enjoy. Ocean water is warm enough to swim in, finally. Even though the mosquitoes are the size of cessnas, evenings on the patio are still perfection.

August light is gorgeous. There is no comparison to the easy golds and hazy muted purples in an August sky at sunset. The leaves and grass all glow deeply in that long side-eye from the sun we get right now. Sometimes, on clear nights in Minnesota, some Northern Lights dance with a fuschia and green you don’t find many other places.

In Dallas the cicadas sigh in the Live Oaks and drown out all the traffic noise. In Los Angeles the hummingbirds flit from pine to pine looking for honeysuckle and vine flowers to drink from – impatiently chirping dimensions to their turf.

The fireflies have been de-populated by the birds, but they still appear. Crickets sing and chirp after having spent the entire day eating the garden to shreds. Lilies are dwindling, petunias are leggy and, by now, the wildflowers have gone to seed. Preparations for fall are starting – and not just that holiday and back-to-school creep you see in the stores. Momma earth is settling into a corner of her sofa and deciding what to binge-watch for 6 months. It’s now you can see the progress and the distance between April and August. The kids and the trees are taller.

Below is what’s been playing most of July and this first couple of weeks of August. Caity Copley is favorite. There are a few bands I am revisiting – The National (they just finished a tour) and Adele because I like to sing in the car, and she too is on tour.