Angela's Musings

September 16, 2016

Imperfection is Beautiful

One of my friends recently said to me, “You know, that photo you printed of my wife sits on my desk. It’s the most I’ve seen of her in a while.” So I asked him, “Do you see her for dinner everyday with the kids?” – and it hit him. He wasn’t allowing the imperfect to be beautiful.

Connecting with your loved ones can be as simple as engaging for a second, telling each other one thing you love about the other, telling them one thing you are proud of them for that day.

See each other. Take a selfie with each other every morning with your coffee or each night as you brush your teeth. Your photos and snapshots don’t need to be taken when you are your best-dressed or when you don’t feel like you just ate pizza.

If I could have anything in the world it would be a Facebook feed filled with my friends and family – all 900 of you – in a selfie with your bestie, your spouse, you with your children, you with your cat, you with your whole family, your hairdresser – whoever it is that makes this life special for you. Photograph each other. Remember the good things. Celebrate little tiny moments.

Allow imperfection and become happy about how yours are accepted.
In this little snapshot from about 2009 I am wearing a clown head. I am also dressed in 4 layers of sweats and sweaters because it was winter. This photo reflects the mood I was in – that day was completely and without equivocation a farce. I had hoped this would never surface – I mean you can’t tell it’e me, but I know. I will always know. LOL! I’m glad the person I was with took this. Photos of things on my head became a tradition because of this photo.

What traditions will you start?