Angela's Musings

December 1, 2016

Move Along …

November’s election (was it one?) truly was a year-long event that gave us all a little bit of whiplash and screen-fatigue.
Honestly, for me, it was a little too much. My heart aches over the divide and the distrust, but mostly
I am personally pained by the seemingly bla·sé attitude people are taking on the issues surrounding racial acceptance,
racial tension and the undeniable irk people are in.  Caity Copely needed an outlet for her reaction to these same things – and more.

She put a call out on her Social Networks for people to come and share in making the video to her cover of “Move Along” by the All American Rejects.
People came to the studio and were filmed with their word of encouragement, of empowerment and of hope.  Each held up a sign with the word they chose.

The video she made from people’s contributions is moving and sweet. Vie wit below. What she’s done here is change the narrative: she’s taken the input from this
emotionally charged year and turned it into a creative and soulful piece of reflection. A reflection of people with true prayers
– what else could be so beautiful?