March 20, 2017

My Life Has a Soundtrack 3/11/2017


February crept out of here like a wind-whipped sparrow crawling back to her nest. But, that’s a story for another lifetime. March indeed came in like a lion. What better a way to send this month packing than to cap it with a night watching the Old 97s live. This time last year I was excited about the work happening in a certain corner of Texas. Hopefully recording was a great time for the guys. THEY WERE WORKING ON A NEW OLD 97’s ALBUM to listen to on a ROAD TRIP!? That’s a good thing because I have 2 road trips in the next few weeks, then the GRAND CANYON!

Go see the guys play their hearts out.

97’s ROADTRIP PLAYLIST – hear stuff here

  • Hands Off – because it ends in rounds, like all good car songs
  • Miss Molly – The kickoff to the trilogy of chick names and good Bethea Riffs
  • Victoria -The 2nd in the trilogy and you can holler the lyrics anywhere and someone will sing along with you
  • Doreen – The 3rd and it gets it all said
  • Streets (of Where I’m From) – because it is true
  • In The Satellite Rides A Star – I have my reasons
  • Crush On The Barrel Head – it’s a good sound and it is a road  song if ever I heard one
  • Good With God – this one hits close to home – if you know why, then you are in my inner circle (the video itself pays a bit of homage to 120 minutes

My thing with the 97’s started in 1999. I blame a friend. I thank that friend, too.  Turns out the engineer who worked with the band on Too Far To Care has worked with a bunch of other bands I love, too. Best Coast, Blondfire, Muse, Juliana Hatfield. I’m talking about Wally Gagel. The dude kinda rocks. Anyway – I’m sort of winding my way through his work with these folks, which would be easier to find if the digital age had liner notes like vinyl used to have, but whatever. I’m old. I get it. The producer on Graveyard, Vance Powell,  rocks because this newest album is super balanced and still edgy. He’s worked on stuff for this chick named Tammy Wynette, maybe you’ve heard of her. The Dead Weather and Melissa Etheridge have used his talents and it shows. 

Sidenote: My dog Pisces loved this band. She loved listening to them when we’d trek on I-35 between Dallas and Houston, sunroof open with her nose peeking out. That was her happy.


Here are the albums so you don’t have to look them up yourself…don’t say I never did anything for ya.