El Segundo Senior Photos

Senior Photos for El Segundo’s Eagles have been fun to create.¬† Families are enjoying having a new choice for senior and family photography, and for that¬† am thankful. El Segundo High School has some excellent minds and athletes. So far I’ve photographed Football, Baseball and Lacrosse players. Senior sessions are all about featuring the personalities these young adults have developed. These kids have been a joy in the studio – they have character, kindness and are witty. I love that they all have that in common.


The first to come see me was Jess. We share a love for spaghetti in common. I think it’s fair that pasta in general is a common goal when rattling a snack out of the kitchen cabinets…


Next I saw Matt, who bonded with me on Baseball, for which I hold a soft spot. My brother played in school (he was a pitcher) and I’ve had a long love affair with the ‘Lastros that began in 2001. Matt also plays football with Jess.

Then I saw Marisa. She and I talked about photography and art and business. I love mentoring! I miss it! She hopes to become a stylist, art director and photographer one day.



Being able to photograph the faces of the future makes me pretty happy – I hear so many fun stories about what they are learning and the best things about their lives. It fills my studio with an energy hat is irreplaceable. Hopefully these images do the same for the families’ homes.