Annie & Liz Wedding Gallery – Winter Wedding With Warmth

As a fine art wedding photographer in El Segundo my job is to see the beauty in the moments between people. Immersed in a day full of them makes for a lot of kiss-filled and caress-rich images!

The venue Annie and Liz chose for their ceremony and reception was warm and filled with art, design, antiques, architectural elements and vintage furniture. Photographers love this place for all the crazy details there are. It was an eclectic space that held a little of everything. There was something for everyone to enjoy, something for everyone to celebrate. We started the day getting ready at home with friends, and we held the first look out on the deck,  in the snow. It was amazing to see Annie’s reaction to Liz’s gown, they were both in tears as they held each other.

To say that things got better from there is an understatement. We piled into frozen cars (it was -16 degrees) and drove downtown to find a fun backdrop for the couple’s photos. Liz found a wall of globes that changed from green to red in a pattern and so we shot there. After that we headed to the venue to snack, unwind and get ready for the guests and family to arrive. The flowers were beautiful. The decorations were sweetly adorned with what I affectionately call kid-art; a drawing from one of the youngest of the family.

Kudos to the whole family who managed to arrive in time for a huge group photo, something your photographer should love to make for their couples. I know it’s awkward, not everyone knows each other, after all. I do it anyway because it is the celebration of a new family and it is the reflection of that change, that instant when it all becomes real. Those images are inevitably everyone’s favorites, even if they hate the dress or shirt they have on. This was a fun group photo to make. Kids everywhere, people talking to each other and me: teetering between two crazy old pillars and one irreplaceable vase trying to get 20 people’s attention without breaking anything. It’s a good thing I wore flats. Three minutes later and the whole group shuffled back down the wooden and creaky steps to await the couple’s ceremony. But, that photo made it real already.

The hand-fasting was my favorite part of putting the couple’s traditions together. The reading of the right to marriage decision was of course my favorite part of the commitment, and the blessing was indeed an artwork of its own. The care everyone put into keeping these two inside a enveloped in love was unreal. I look forward to when Mark and I have our day – when we can commit ourselves to our loves who adore us so passionately, so completely, so richly with a desire to know and protect and revere the other. I am glad all people have that right. It is undeniably a human right and a protected liberty.

Congratulations Liz and Annie! Los Angeles Wedding Photographer