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Based in El Segundo, I meet people from all of the Beach Cities in the South Bay. This big, loving, personable, fun, close-knit family lives in Manhattan Beach. We met at American Martyrs Catholic Church in Manhattan Beach to celebrate the baptism of a new baby to this wonderful local family. When so many family members get together, I make sure to take some family photos. I’m glad we got the whole group together on the steps. Sounds of children running and laughing and a family greeting each other – hugs and smiles, laughs and giggles and he glee that comes from holding a new family member….what better way to spend Thanksgiving?

Angela Elisabeth Portraits Manhattan Beach Family Photos

The church steps were overflowing with the family as they arrived and talked before the service. The baby, who slept happily in her baptism gown – warm and protected in the arms of her aunt – noticed nothing amiss. To her knowledge, this sounded much like Sunday dinner with the grandparents.

As the kids played and the parents talked I took a few photos outside and tried as best I could to get a peek at the littlest of all. She, with her eyes tightly dreaming, could not have been sweeter to see. I am a proud aunt myself, and this feeling is known well to me:

Manhattan Beach Family Photos


Once inside I took advantage of the sanctuary’s beautiful light, lovely angles and understated ornate details. What a pretty space to pray, to worship, to join together as a church, to be in the love of God. Even if you aren’t Catholic, and I am not, the beauty of this place is something that brings a deep peace. I enjoyed having a view into what will become the most important day of this little lady’s life, until she marries, if she chooses. From the looks of her, I expect world domination and total rule. She’s amazing.

The ceremony was heartening, the children were allowed to be children and the families were allowed to enjoy the service with a casual formality that fit them perfectly. Monsignor was a delightful character, he delivered the sweetest of prayers for the baby, for her support and for her fortitude in this world – a place of much challenge.

What a Thanksgiving. It filled my heart the whole weekend. This video captures the morning with images and beautiful music by Caity Copley.  Enjoy 🙂


LaCrosse – Northfield 2014

2014 Marks the beginning of NHS boys LaCrosse.

I’ve seen some contact sports in my day, but let’s all agree: LaCrosse takes the stick. The running, the tug-of-war, the defensive tactics, the plain brute use of sticks…all more than I can handle, to say the least. I was impressed. Really. Email me for the whole photo set. I’ve archived it. 

I ended up with 204 photos from yesterday’s Varsity and Junior Varsity games.  The Varsity game was close after the half. Northfield lost in sudden death, after a real show of control and true clean play. I’m personally glad to have this sport at the high school. I’d make a terrible LaCrosse parent though. My kid would have 6 sets of pads on.  Not kidding.


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All Star Basketball

1,033 Basketball All-Star Photos. What a fun event!


These past two days I got to watch some major skill. The ladies in the photo above are bright, funny, individual, kind, inviting and terribly committed to hard work. To say I enjoyed covering this event would be akin to saying I like to breathe: it just doesn’t cover my full appreciation for this weekend. I met some lovely people and deepened some already blossoming relationships, and those are true gifts. Enjoy the gallery – I tried to get as many images of as many different possessions and plays as I could without having a frame-by-frame replica of today. Let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss turning what I captured into a keepsake.


On April 25th and 26th I’ll be covering the Minnesota Girls High School All-Star Basketball Series! This year’s event features 40 seniors from around Minnesota, playing in two games. The girls will be treated to talks given by Cheryl Reeve, Dorothy McIntyre, and Marian Bemis-Johnson. There are 5 Miss Basketball nominees, and the recipient will be announced at the closing ceremony, after Game II on Saturday 4/26/2014. Nominees:

  • Briana Rasmusson
  • Carlie Wagner
  • Kenisha Bell
  • Chase Coley
  • Cayla McMorris

TEAM ROSTERS FOR THE GAMES: Read the Star Tribune article here:


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