El Segundo Senior Photos

Senior Photos for El Segundo’s Eagles have been fun to create.  Families are enjoying having a new choice for senior and family photography, and for that  am thankful. El Segundo High School has some excellent minds and athletes. So far I’ve photographed Football, Baseball and Lacrosse players. Senior sessions are all about featuring the personalities these young adults have developed. These kids have been a joy in the studio – they have character, kindness and are witty. I love that they all have that in common.


The first to come see me was Jess. We share a love for spaghetti in common. I think it’s fair that pasta in general is a common goal when rattling a snack out of the kitchen cabinets…


Next I saw Matt, who bonded with me on Baseball, for which I hold a soft spot. My brother played in school (he was a pitcher) and I’ve had a long love affair with the ‘Lastros that began in 2001. Matt also plays football with Jess.

Then I saw Marisa. She and I talked about photography and art and business. I love mentoring! I miss it! She hopes to become a stylist, art director and photographer one day.



Being able to photograph the faces of the future makes me pretty happy – I hear so many fun stories about what they are learning and the best things about their lives. It fills my studio with an energy hat is irreplaceable. Hopefully these images do the same for the families’ homes.

El Segundo Senior Portraits | ESHS Eagles Football


Jess came to me for senior photos and was a joy to work with. Jess is as nice as they come. His laugh filled the studio and we enjoyed talking about all kinds of things – we both love spaghetti. Jess is a varsity Football player and wants to major in the humanities when he gets to college.  He’s a versatile player: Offensive and Defensive lineman and Fullback. It will be exciting to see what he can do with his season.

Hopefully the family’s fall schedule can settle a little and we can get together to schedule the family’s new photos 🙂

FAQ for Family-Headshots-Seniors Mini-Sessions

Decoding Package Pricing & FAQ (MINI SESSIONS)

Personal Branding is no longer an option, family images are how we communicate and self esteem in teens is assisted through positive self-image. Photography plays a huge role in how our societies function. That’s why it’s important to keep your family’s photos updated and your personal branding fresh. As a result, you are likely looking at mini photo session options for updating your family photos, your personal branding or maybe you have a student who is graduating from high school or college in 2018. I’ve been there. I remember sitting in front of the brochures and thinking, “I wish I could compare studio options more simply!” Now you can. I’ve listed FAQ here that can unravel the mysteries of photo pricing.

It seems like there are often hidden fees and charges that are not part of the package you are considering – and those expenses add up. However, you don’t find out about all this until you’ve invested time in the photos. Consequently, you spend more than you budgeted, and you are less than thrilled. I’ve been there, too.

NOT COOL. Am I right?

Here are some examples of extra charges & fees you may not see coming:

  • Opposite to my policies, charges for retouching each image can be up to $35 elsewhere. As a result, you spend $840 when you buy 24 images.
  • You probably will love more than one pose. Therefore, some studios charge an extra fee as a result of your 4 8×10 prints being different.
  • Especially relevant for seniors and gradeschoolers is Wallet Prints. Some studios charge a premium for ordering different poses and fewer of each image. EEK!
  • Finally. You got your braces off. But it was the week after we did your shoot, and, now you DO CARE if they are in the photos. But there’s a fee to reshoot.

I don’t do these things.

Much Cooler. Agreed.

Let’s see if I can help you compare your options.  I’ve broken down the most common things
people have asked me about mini-sessions (FAQ):

  1. Do you charge for retouching?
    No. Never.
  2. What does a session cost?
    There is no session fee unless you would like to add styling to your Mini Session.
  3. What comes with that?
    Your shoot, styling and direction and a thank you gift.
  4. What are your photo packages like?
    They vary depending on the services you have requested 🙂
  5. How do the packages come to me?
    I print your images & include your files. 
  6. What do packages cost?
    Please see pricing on my site.
  7. What’s in the packages?
    8×10 matted images and a file for each photo you purchase.
  8. What kind of files do I get?
    You get Color as well as Black & White for your images. They are full-size files.
  9. What’s a full-size file? 
    That means, roughly, the file you have purchased has enough pixels to be printed as large as your kitchen floor, without getting blurry.
  10. At the session, what is the fee if I want several outfits?
    There is no fee for this. I encourage three tops/shirts, at minimum.
  11. I want to include some family photos, is that alright?
    You betcha. In fact, bring the dog.
  12. What is the fee for extra people?
    There is no such thing as extra people. No fee.
  13. Do we have to stay in the studio, what is the fee for locations?
    No, outdoors is fine, choose places in our starting zip code. And there is no fee.
  14. I have a series of family photos that are large. Do you do that?
    Yes. Wall portraits are available. Let’s talk!
  15. Can I send my images to the yearbook?
    It depends on your school. Check with the yearbook advisor.
  16. I heard you make a video of the images, can I have that too?
    Yes, you may. I sell the HD 1080p versions separately.
  17. What if I want to make a book like I did in previous years?
    We can do that. I offer 8×8 books, custom designed.
  18. Tell me about you…what makes you do this?
    As a veteran, service is at the heart of who I am. I want to do things for others. I’ve combined my gifts with my desire to serve – and – for 27 years have had a camera in my hands
    making wonderful things for others. 
  19. How do you compare to others in the area?
    I don’t charge a session fee, some charge between $200 and $450 depending on the session type.
    My packages begin at $350. Others charge anywhere from $85 an image to $995 for an image package to start.
    My style is up to date with industry trends and innovations and resembles the aesthetic of most magazine styles.

Hopefully this has helped you to understand what options you have when choosing portrait packages. There’s one thing for sure, choose a certified professional who is insured and who supports your community and the local organizations. You will be able to see the difference.

Northfield Senior Photos | Robby Sayner

Robby is funny, kindhearted and really easy to talk to. He’s interested in all kinds of things and likes running, skiing and being outdoors most of the time. Spending some time with his to take his folio images was truly fun and I learned three new puns to tell my husband. That’s a plus for me because my husband loves puns.

I’ve made NO SECRET of the fact that I have wanted to do this guy’s senior photo session for over three years.

Senior photos for Northfield’s high school students are sometimes a little more nostalgic for me because I am local and go to church with, bump into and grocery shop with most of the families I photograph. So, I have a little more backstory with some of my clients than others.

Robby’s session was like that. I first met him in 2012 when at a Track and Field event at Carleton. Several schools were competing in events and I followed my beloved Raiders from corner to corner of the coliseum watching them hurdle, jump, run and in between events have a great time together. Making images for Robby was cathartic. I got to give him a wonderful set of senior photos and in May, we can all send him off with that winning smile to his next new place.

Robby is fun and silly but also a bit of a strategizer who does his best work in his science and engineering classes. He’s not quite sure where this will take him after graduation. I doubt he’ll have a hard time hitting his stride, no matter where he goes. You can catch him around town behind his shades, thinking of mountains or maybe how the Cross Country team will take shape this season.

Robby is a living measure : A lot can happen in three years.  Thanks for the wonderful afternoon!

Shoot Note: Canon Mark III 50mm f/1.4 @ f3.5  ISO 125  1/125 sec


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